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100 Club


Thank you all for your tremendous support of our 2021/22 100 Club fundraising initiative, we have already raised £521.50 for our nominated charity Alzheimer’s Society.


We held the draw for the April leg of the 100 Club at the course today, in all we sold 101 tickets.  The results are shown below in the Draw Results section:

Congratulations to the winner and runner-up , please both confirm your bank details to our Treasurer Rob Doyle robert.doyle@btinternet.com who will arrange to pay you your winnings.


We will continue to sell tickets to grow the fund, good luck in the next draw for May!



Andy Robb

Mens Captain



Firstly a big thank you for the fantastic support of our charity fundraising 100 Club over the past 2020/21 season through which we raised the tidy sum of £663.55 for the nominated charity

Alzheimer’s Society

It is now time to launch the new season fundraiser and we have made a few improvements based on feedback received to hopefully attract your ongoing support. 

As we have a full season to operate there will be 12 monthly draws April 2021 through to March 2022.  In addition, we will have 2 bonus draws, the first on Captains Day and the second at Christmas.  

Each entry will therefore cost £14.00 covering you for the full 14 draws.

We are introducing a bulk buy offer for the more adventurous – for £50.00 you get 4 full season entries – 4 numbers across all 14 draws. 

Finally, we will be promoting sales month by month @ £1.00 per number so do have your change handy when at the course. 

As in the past the receipts will be split evenly

50% to the Captains’ charity fund and 50% to the 100 Club Prize Fund

which will be paid out following each draw:

Winner 70%

Runner-up 30%  

You may make as many entries as you wish - the more the better! 

Buy your tickets now!


1. Make a remittance to WLGC Sort Code 40-10-02 Account 81211854. Please reference on your online payment 100 your surname”.

Either @£14.00 for each number you are purchasing

or @ £50 four bulk buy 4 number offer

2. Email andy@aldenhamcountrypark.co.uk advising you have made payment for the number of entries you have purchased.  I’ll reconcile these with our Treasurer, Rob Doyle and issue you randomly assigned number(s) which will remain fixed for the full series of draws.


Results will be posted by email to all on the WLGC website each month; the Winner and Runner-up will be notified directly to arrange prize payout

Thanks for your support.

Andy Robb – Anne Harrison – Keith Moore



Wyboston Lakes Golf Club

100 Club - Draw Result 

October 2021 Draw

Number 62 - Winner - Anne March (wins £35.70)

Number 90 - Runner-up - Trish Purnell (Wins £15.30)


September 2021 Draw

Number 27 - Winner - Greg Pember (wins £35.70)

Number 59 - Runner-up - Irene Abri (Wins £15.30)


August 2021 Draw

Number 57 - Winner - Martyn Peacock (wins £35.70)

Number 24 - Runner-up - Anne March (Wins £15.30)

July 2021 Draw

Number 96 - Winner - Ray Peacock (wins £35.70)

Number 63 - Runner-up - David Woody (Wins £15.30)

Captains Day Draw 2021 Draw

Number 161 - Winner - Sha Briggs (wins £63.35)

Number 173 - Runner-up - Matt Broder  (Wins £27.15)


June 2021 Draw

Number 5 - Winner - Anne & John Harrison (wins £38.85)

Number 30 - Runner-up - Mike Butcher (Wins £16.65)


May 2021 Draw

Number 30 - Winner - Mike Butcher (wins £37.80)

Number 60 - Runner-up - Ray Peacock (Wins £16.20)

April 2021 Draw

Number 44 - Winner - Marjorie Ellis (wins £35.35)

Number 49 - Runner-up - Liam Cummings (Wins £15.15)