Wyboston Lakes Golf Club

100 Club - Draw Result 

Decembers Draw

Number 83 - Winner - Ray Peacock

Number 22 - Runner-up - Trish Purnell

Christmas Draw

Number 46 - Winner - Harry West

Number 13 - Runner-up - Chris Foad


Novembers Draw

Number 85 - Winner - Wayne Rowles

Number 71 - Runner-up - Matt Broder

Octobers Draw

Number 17 - Winner - Ann March

Number 97 - Runner-up - Gary Towns

Septembers Draw

Number 21 - Winner - Trevor Porter

Number 68 - Runner-up - John Hughes

August's Draw

Number 107 - Winner - Hilton Rowlings

Number 68 - Runner-up - John Hughes

July's Draw

Number 98 - Winner - Martyn Peacock

Number 54 - Runner-up - Wayne Rowles


Wyboston Lakes Golf Club

100 Club

As result of COVID-19 there is limited opportunity to raise money for our charities for the current season and they need help more than ever.

We are therefore launching the 100 Club to help raise money towards the Club’s nominated charity. This year, the Men’s, Lady’s and Senior’s sections of the club have agreed to support one charity – The Alzheimer’s Society

Tickets are being sold on a first come first served basis.  Each ticket costs £10 and will cover the recipient for 10 draws - 9 month end draws from July 2020 through to March 2021 and a Christmas Bonus Draw.

The receipts will be split evenly, 50% to the charity fund and 50% to the 100 Club Prize Fund which will be paid out following each draw:

Winner 70%

Runner-up 30%

Please help us during this difficult time to support our charity. We are aiming to sell at least 100 tickets but the more the better and you may purchase as many tickets as you wish.

Buy your tickets now!


  1. Make a remittance to WLGC Sort Code 40-10-02 Account 81211854. £10 for each ticket you are purchasing. Please identify yourself by making the following reference on your online payment “100 your surname”.

  2. For those who are not able to make a bank transfer, please speak to your Captain to discuss payment method.

  3. Email andy.robb@arinitiative.co.uk advising you have made payment for the number of tickets you have purchased.  I’ll reconcile these with our Treasurer, Rob Doyle and issue you a randomly assigned number for each £10 paid, and advise you of your number(s) which will remain fixed for the full series of draws.


  1. Each month, the winner and runner up of the draw will be posted on the web sites and contacted by their Captain to discuss payment arrangements.

Thanks for your support.

Andy Robb – Anne Harrison – Keith Moore


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