Seniors Golf Update


Hello, everybody.

I hope you are all well; it’s good to see so many of you back on the course, albeit at a distance!


We intend restarting our programme on 1st July. The entry sheet for the medal is now on the notice board. Thereafter, we hope to run the programme as listed in the handbook.

We do need to be aware of the latest advice regarding COVID and we must follow the protocol as laid down by the Club and Wyboston Lakes. Please be aware that in a medal competition we can only accommodate a maximum of 48 players (16 x 3 ball games). That number may vary according to the competition being played. Whatever the number, it is very much a case of “first come, first served”. Anyone turning up without an allocated time will not be allowed to play.


Regrettably, the decision has been made to cancel all inter club matches for this season.


We will be going ahead with the Vimy and Vulcan competitions. The entry sheets were posted back in February and I fully understand that some may no longer want to play. Please email me as soon as possible if that is the case. The intention is to finish both competitions by the end of September; that will mean 3 week intervals between matches. On the basis that very few will be rushing off to the Costa Del Sol, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you are struggling to organise a match within the allocated time frame, please let me know what the problem is and I will adjudicate where necessary.


There have been two changes to the committee.

Richard Annette has resigned and I would like to thank him for his contribution while on the committee.

For some time now, we have been looking for someone to help with the accounts. I am pleased to advise that Ray Clark has been co-opted to the committee to help Mike Gower balance the books. At some point in the future, Ray will take over as Section Treasurer.


That’s all for now. Enjoy your golf and I look forward to catching up with you, soon.


Keith Moore.

Secretary – Senior Section.


Recommencement of Competition Golf at Wyboston Lakes


Following discussions with Wyboston Lakes Ltd, we are now pleased to announce the recommencement of WLGC competitions from 1st July. (Note the Seniors section may start up later in August so please keep an eye on club room and web site notices)

As mentioned in the previous email, due to the large amount of advance planning required Captains’ Day for all sections has been cancelled.

We have been able to reschedule the Men’s and Ladies Championships from June into July and this will now occur over the weekend of 11th and 12th July.

The Seniors Championship is currently still scheduled to go ahead in September.

All other competitions will remain as per the club handbook until further notice.

3 ball competitions will have a 10-minute tee time gap and it is important that social distancing is adhered to at all times. To safeguard everyone, please keep to your tee time and avoid as much interaction as possible.

Each of the competition organisers will assign tee times for participants and will post sign-up sheets as much in advance as possible. Due to the slightly lengthened tee time intervals there will be limited space, so it is important to sign-up early.


The Club Room is a small enclosed space so please adhere to the following rules.

• Do not enter if there are already 2 people inside.

• Carry out your business in the room and leave as quickly as possible.

• Use your own pen or pencil for signing up.

• Adhere to social distancing at all times and avoid contact with internal fixtures.
• Use hand sanitizer before and after entering the room.

Please note there are already sign-up sheets on the club room noticeboards, so please come along to the club and check it out.

We very much hope that all members will enjoy getting back to competitions although with limited social contact. This is a small but very welcome step forward and we very much hope that you will all enjoy getting back to competitive golf.

Competition golf – with social distancing

The following conditions of play have been agreed between the Club and Wyboston Lakes Ltd. in order to recommence competition play at Wyboston Lakes Golf Club.



1 Have the correct money and place in jar provided at check in – which will be outside

2 Collect your own card and fill in name - date - competition - etc.

3 Arrive at the practice area no more than 15 minutes prior to your tee time

4 Only 3 tee groups (9 players) to be on practice area at a time



5 As 3 balls remember social distance – 2 metres apart please at all times

6 Do not remove or touch the flagstick

7 No rakes in bunkers – please smooth out best you can with club or feet

8 You MAY “pick and place “in bunkers within 6 inches, no smoothing of sand allowed.

9 Keep your OWN score and sign your card as a true record – no countersign needed

10 Keep the score of your marker in the marker column – name your marker on card

11 Decide before play who is marker for who within your 3 ball


12 Check your totals tally before handing in –DO NOT SWAP OR HANDLE OTHER PLAYERS CARDS

13 Place your card in the silver box where it will remain for 3 days before being checked

14 After your round do not congregate in the area from the 18th green up to the pro shop

15 Please go directly to car and leave the site within 30 minutes of finishing last hole



These conditions apply to all organised competitions and it is our responsibility to comply fully with them, all are as advised by England Golf.

By entering any competition, you will be agreeing to abide by them, thanking you in advance for your cooperation.



Tony Abri

Club President



At the Annual Meeting, I asked for volunteers to take on some aspects of administration within the section. I am very pleased to say that two people have come forward.


Anne March will take on the Eclectic Competition from next year. Val and Andrew Bryans will see out this year and work with Anne towards a smooth handover.


Anne Harrison has expressed an interest in joining the committee and has accepted an invitation to do so. Anne, along with Steve Begnett (voted on to the committee at the Annual Meeting) will officially take their positions in April, but will be attending meetings in the meantime.


Our thanks to both for offering their services.


We are still looking for someone to help Mike Gower with the section finances. If you feel this is something you might be interested in, please speak to myself or Mike.


The other position to fill is that of vice captain. It would be very helpful to have someone in place as soon as possible. Again, have a word with me if interested.

Keith Moore.


Addition to Local Rules
New local rule in force for 15th hole

Out of bounds beyond the hedge on the right of the 15th fairway on the winter (green) course and beyond the hedge on the left of the 15th fairway on the summer course. Extent of o.o.b. Marked by white paint on trees at beginning and end of the hedge.


The hedge is not a penalty area. If your ball is found in the hedge you can play it as it lies or take an unplayable drop under penalty of one shot (2 club lengths from where the ball lies)

If there is any doubt of finding the ball please play a provisional to avert the need of going back to the tee.


Ray Peacock

Competition Secretary

11th December 2019


Annual Meeting - Senior Section



The Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday 8th January 2020. The meeting will start at 2.30pm in the Kingfisher Suite, Wyboston Hotel.


Draft minutes of the meeting held on 16th January 2019 are on the board. Please take time to read these such that they can be approved and any matters arising can be dealt with.


As is standard practice, the existing committee will resign. Two members are not seeking re-election, namely Ken Gray and Tony Travers. Other officers are prepared to stand again in the following roles:-

Keith Moore – Captain (elect) / Secretary.

Mike Gower – Treasurer.

Ron Harris – Fixture Secretary.

Allan Kingham – Committee member.

Richard Annette – Committee member.

We would then look to complete the committee by adding a vice captain, with a maximum of three general committee members chosen from those who are standing for re-election, plus any other nominees. Depending on the number of people wishing to stand as a committee member, that figure may change. In the event of multiple applications, a ballot will need to take place, but not necessarily on the day of the meeting.


We also invite nominations for the post of captain, secretary, treasurer and fixture secretary. Again, a ballot may need to take place if multiple applications are received.


Please note that the office of Minutes Secretary is now combined with that of Secretary.


On the notice board is an “Invitation to senior members to join the committee”. If you wish to put your name forward, please state position applied for - all nominations need to be proposed and seconded by a member of WLGC.

This notice will be taken down on Friday 20th December.

Please make every effort to attend. This is your section and your opportunity to contribute.



Keith Moore – Secretary.




Senior Section Committee.


I would like to make you aware of several changes to the Senior’s committee.

  1. As many of you will know, Heather Davidson has moved away from the area and, as such, has resigned her position on the committee. Many thanks to Heather for her work as secretary. We wish her well and hope to see her again very soon.

  2. Chris Rodgman has also resigned from the committee and we thank him for his contribution.

  3. Ron Harris has joined the committee as Fixture Secretary. For the remainder of this season, Ron will also coordinate all aspects related to club matches and any questions should be directed to him.

  4. Keith Moore has taken over as secretary, and will share the duties of minutes secretary with Ken Gray. If you have any points to raise with the committee, please

​As always, all committee members will make themselves available to listen to any concerns you may have and bring them to the next meeting.  Keith has also taken on the job of Vice Captain with a view to taking over from Steve Davidson in April 2020.


Finally, a big “thank you” to Janet Bunker for taking on the organisation of fun games – very much appreciated.  Please support Janet by signing up for as many games as possible and helping out with starting / finishing duties.


Keith Moore – Secretary.


Rule Changes, January 2019


A summary of the rule changes can be downloaded here


An EnglandGolf slide show is also available for viewing.  Please be aware that this file is 78Mb




Please note the following statement on the information board by each tee box.


At all times users of the access road have priority. Do not play any shot if persons or vehicles are in danger of being hit by a golf ball.




Trish Purnell


WLGC Memorial Bench

The question of ‘missing benches’ was raised in the Open Forum at the WLGC Annual General Meeting 2018. It appeared that most had become unrepairable. The matter was discussed at the next Club Committee Meeting. It was unanimously agreed by the Committee that one new, minimum maintenance, composite bench should be purchased from Club Funds, to be a Memorial Bench where plaques may be placed in the future.


Many thanks to Tom Greaves who sourced a bench made from re-cycled material, organised the plaque and managed the order and delivery of the chosen bench.


The WLGC Memorial Bench certainly makes a statement by the 7th tee box. We hope you agree.



Trish Purnel


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