Wyboston Lakes Golf Club is situated just South of St Neots in Cambridgeshire, close to the A1.  The Seniors Section is open to anyone over 55, and has a mixed male and female membership. Currently the Senior Section has around 100 members and has competitions on Wednesday mornings.  In addition to the normal meetings, there are numerous inter-club competitions and special days organised through the year.  


New members are always welcome.  We can be contacted by writing to us at Wyboston Lakes Golf Club, or calling or popping into the Pro Shop


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Welcome to the website of Wyboston Lakes Golf Club, Seniors Section.  We aim to bring you the latest news of Seniors events and matches throughout the current season.  The main Club website can be found at:


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Seniors Day Competition
Wednesday, 27th October
Blind Pairs
Denis Culpeck Trophy
Wednesday, 13th October

How many of us are regretting our choice of clubs today? Quite a few, I suspect. Against that, there were some very creditable scores and some will be thinking they normally carry too many clubs.


1st – George Taylor – 37 points.

2nd – Christina Baxter – 36 points.

3rd – Bob Catchpole – 35 points.

4th Tom Greaves – 33 points.


3rd – Tony Norman.

5th – Chris Rodgman.

7th - Tom Greaves.

13th – Lynne Sadler.

16th (in 2) – Chris Rodgman.


Keith Moore.

Secretary – Senior Section.

Mike Gower Memorial Competition
Wednesday, 15th September
IMG_20211013_151840440 1.jpg

Di Gower presented the Mike Gower Memorial Decanter to winner Anne March 

This competition was played several weeks ago, but the results were held over to allow Di Gower to present the trophy after the Denis Culpeck event. The trophy was presented by the family and we are very grateful to them, and to Di for being with us. Mike was a popular and respected member of the club and is very much missed. Several people added their own poignant words and stories to those made by Di and it was very obvious that Mike was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him.

This was a “one off” event and the winner keeps the trophy. Entry fees from the day, and money raised from the collection, will go to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.


1st – Anne March – 41 points – ocb.

2nd – Terry Stenchen – 41 points – ocb.

3rd – John Harrison – 40 points.


3rd – David Gough.

5th – Ron Harris.

7th Roy Wilson.

13th – Ron Harris.

16th (in 2) – Ray Clark.


Thanks to all who took part in either event.


Keith Moore.

Secretary – Senior Section.

The Mark and Octavia Trophy
Seniors Winter Eclectic
Wednesday, 20th October
Wyboston Seniors (Home) vs Elton Furze Seniors
Wednesday 29th September 2021
Seniors Day Game.  1 2 3 Waltz
Wednesday 29th Sepember
Seniors October Medal
Wednesday, 6th October
Seniors Day Competition
Wednesday, 22nd September


There were 19 players participating and 10 chose the 16th as one of their double points score holes

3/4/8 and 13/17/18 were all chosen 6 times.

Dickie Lanigan won with 51 pts (40+11)

Peter McGinley 2nd with 48 pts (39+9)

JIm Moss 3rd with 46 pts (38+8)

Prizes will be handed over when seen.


Wyboston Seniors (Home) vs Brampton Seniors
Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Match report

What a shock yesterday was following the two previous matches at Pavenham and Elton Furze whose courses were in pristine condition.

Earlier in the week the greens had been hollow tined, something that’s a necessary evil and we have to live with. But why did Wyboston greenkeepers choose to apply the sand to the greens (and I mean sand and more sand) during our match? On some greens there was 10mm of sand, as players walked their footprints were left in the sand. Can you imagine what a farce this made of the putting. The song made famous in the 60’s by the Shangri-La’s sprang to mind ‘Walking on the sand’!!

Fortunately the Brampton players took the situation with good grace but from a Wyboston point of view it was a total embarrassment and all we could do was apologise.

The day was not all bad news, the weather was fine and the company excellent. The restaurant staff once again did us proud and the Lasagna lunch was very well received and Wyboston Seniors won 6 – 2.

Unfortunately we found out that Savana, one of the regular restaurant waitresses is leaving, which is a great shame. Savana has always gone well beyond what is normally expected to help us enjoy our lunches and I wish her all the luck in the future, let’s hope her replacement is half as good.

Next week is our final match of the season against Elton Furze, hopefully by then the sand will have ‘settled’, ‘Johnboy’ is our Captain so lets go out in style with another win.