Denis Culpeck Trophy
Wednesday, 13th October

How many of us are regretting our choice of clubs today? Quite a few, I suspect. Against that, there were some very creditable scores and some will be thinking they normally carry too many clubs.


1st – George Taylor – 37 points.

2nd – Christina Baxter – 36 points.

3rd – Bob Catchpole – 35 points.

4th Tom Greaves – 33 points.


3rd – Tony Norman.

5th – Chris Rodgman.

7th - Tom Greaves.

13th – Lynne Sadler.

16th (in 2) – Chris Rodgman.


Keith Moore.

Secretary – Senior Section.

Mike Gower Memorial Competition
Wednesday, 15th September
IMG_20211013_151840440 1.jpg

Di Gower presented the Mike Gower Memorial Decanter to winner Anne March 

This competition was played several weeks ago, but the results were held over to allow Di Gower to present the trophy after the Denis Culpeck event. The trophy was presented by the family and we are very grateful to them, and to Di for being with us. Mike was a popular and respected member of the club and is very much missed. Several people added their own poignant words and stories to those made by Di and it was very obvious that Mike was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him.

This was a “one off” event and the winner keeps the trophy. Entry fees from the day, and money raised from the collection, will go to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.


1st – Anne March – 41 points – ocb.

2nd – Terry Stenchen – 41 points – ocb.

3rd – John Harrison – 40 points.


3rd – David Gough.

5th – Ron Harris.

7th Roy Wilson.

13th – Ron Harris.

16th (in 2) – Ray Clark.


Thanks to all who took part in either event.


Keith Moore.

Secretary – Senior Section.

The Mark and Octavia Trophy
Seniors Winter Eclectic
Wednesday, 20th October
Senior's Captains Day
Wednesday 25th August

IMG_20210825_160108575 1.jpg
Marion Greaves and John Harrison "do the double"!

Individual winners: 

Ladies: Marion Greaves with 48 points

Men: John Harrison with 43 points

Marion and John were also drawn in the  blind pairs to win with a grand total of an impressive 91 points

Thanks go to Steve Begnett as Acting Captain, Steve Begnett, John Eldershaw, Rob Griffin and Keith Moore for organising and running the day.  Thanks also to everyone who generously contributed raffle prizes and sponsored holes, and to Martyn Peacock for his support.  A considerable sum (still being audited) was raised for the Moggerhanger Hospice.

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