Seniors Inter-club Matches

Wyboston Seniors (Home) vs Elton Furze Seniors
Wednesday 29th September 2021
Wyboston Seniors (Home) vs Brampton Seniors
Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Match report

What a shock yesterday was following the two previous matches at Pavenham and Elton Furze whose courses were in pristine condition.

Earlier in the week the greens had been hollow tined, something that’s a necessary evil and we have to live with. But why did Wyboston greenkeepers choose to apply the sand to the greens (and I mean sand and more sand) during our match? On some greens there was 10mm of sand, as players walked their footprints were left in the sand. Can you imagine what a farce this made of the putting. The song made famous in the 60’s by the Shangri-La’s sprang to mind ‘Walking on the sand’!!

Fortunately the Brampton players took the situation with good grace but from a Wyboston point of view it was a total embarrassment and all we could do was apologise.

The day was not all bad news, the weather was fine and the company excellent. The restaurant staff once again did us proud and the Lasagna lunch was very well received and Wyboston Seniors won 6 – 2.

Unfortunately we found out that Savana, one of the regular restaurant waitresses is leaving, which is a great shame. Savana has always gone well beyond what is normally expected to help us enjoy our lunches and I wish her all the luck in the future, let’s hope her replacement is half as good.

Next week is our final match of the season against Elton Furze, hopefully by then the sand will have ‘settled’, ‘Johnboy’ is our Captain so lets go out in style with another win.


Wyboston Seniors (Away) vs Elton Furze Seniors
Thursday, 16th September


Although Elton Furze is a ‘bit of a trek’ for most of our golfers, today it was worth every mile. The day didn’t start too well, as at 6.38am I was made aware that one of our players was unable to play. We were therefore going to be a player short, as it was too late (or early, however you look at it) to call in a replacement, this made the task even more difficult.

The golf course was in wonderful condition, Tuesdays rain had made everything ‘plumptious’ every aspect of the course was A1. As with our previous match at Pavenham, the greens were a delight to putt on, fast and true and the fairways were well ‘grassed’. I my opinion Elton Furze came out on top compared with Pavenham, as the Elton bunkers were in excellent condition (I should know, as I found several on my way round).

The hospitality shown towards us today was excellent and we look forward to entertaining them at Wyboston on the 29th September.

Unfortunately Wyboston lost today 4-2 but you wait until we get them at Wyboston!

Ron Harris, Acting Captain of the Day

Wyboston Seniors (Home) vs Brampton Seniors
Wednesday 22nd September 2021
Wyboston Seniors (Away) vs Pavenham Seniors
Monday 6th September
Match Report

This match in previous years has been played during March and over the years has been played in wind, rain and freezing weather. The question usually asked then was whether or not we needed ‘Hedgehog’ wheels because of the conditions but not yesterday. The term “it’s too hot for me “could be heard around the course, Pavenham is a long course and yesterday was a very warm day for spending 4 ½ hours playing golf but preferable to being ‘up to your neck’ in mud.

Once again the course was in pristine condition and as usual the greens were ‘deadly’, undulating and fast, but that’s Pavenham!

John H. built on his earlier success by once again ‘piloting’ his buggy around the course with no reported misdemeanours. It’s just a shame he can’t put his shirt on the right way round in the mornings but that’s what we have wives for (so John apparently told Anne).

Unfortunately Wyboston lost the match 4 to 2 but everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and that’s really the most important thing (I’m writing this with my fingers crossed because you know me, No 1 priority is to win).

Next inter club match is on Thursday 16th September away to Elton Furze, see the web site and notice board for the team selection.

There are still tee times available for The Mike Gower Memorial game on Weds. 15th Sept. if you want to play, please phone me or preferably email me.

Ron Harris

Wyboston Seniors’ (Home) vs
Colmworth & North Beds. G. C. Seniors
 Wednesday 18th August 2021

Match Report

This was the first inter club match between Wyboston seniors and Colmworth & North Beds seniors, our away match, originally scheduled for 28th April was cancelled due to Covid restrictions. Having seen their team selection I was a little apprehensive of our chances, 2 players off single figure handicaps and a first for me, a lady in their pair playing off scratch! Any way the golfing Gods were with us and there were some remarkable performances from the Wyboston team, Wyboston winning 5 ½ to ½ (and they were lucky to get the ½ ).

There were a couple of ‘funnies’ to report from the match. On the 6th hole, the lady I was playing against teed off, only to hit the back edge of the winter tee box, her ball flew 30 feet in the air and landed 10 feet behind from where she was standing, SHAME!

Our buddy, ‘Johnboy’ Harrison managed to pilot his buggy, the entire 18 holes (with Mags on board) without driving into a wall, fence or lake. Well done John we’ll make a driver of you yet!

Our next big day is Senior Captains Day on Weds. 25th August, the draw sheets are on the website (please check your tee times on the draw sheets in the Club room as several changes have been made) and notice board.

Arrive early, have a tea, coffee, Bucks fizz or orange juice, as they say ‘live dangerously, throw the cat a goldfish’. But most of all, have an enjoyable day and don’t forget, put your hand in your pocket because Steve Begnett, acting Captain on the day will be after your money.

Ron Harris

Wyboston Seniors (Away) vs Brampton Seniors
Friday, 13th August

What a pleasure it was to play at Brampton Golf Club on Friday 13th August, a date that is noted for bad luck, but quite the opposite was found by those lucky enough to be there. The sun shone, the company was excellent, the course was in superb condition, the food was good and as a team we didn’t lose. The result was an honourable draw 3 ½ points each.

It needs saying again how the course was in marvellous condition, the fairways were well ‘grassed’ and the greens true and fast, something that caused some of our players a few headaches. Our home match against Brampton is on Weds.22nd Sept. and it would be nice to be able to field a full 8 pairs, please see the notice board for the entry sheet. There are 3 other team entry sheet on the board for matches during Sept. please get your name down, don’t be shy!

I have been asked to point out that it is requested that team members wear the team colours of Black and White. Ideally a Wyboston shirt (white), if not any white golfing shirt, and shorts or trousers (black).


Ron Harris, Acting Captain of the day

Wyboston Seniors (Home) vs Chesfield Downs
Wednesday, 28th July
Match report

Our away match at Chesfield Downs in early June was played in torrential rain and looking at yesterday’s forecast, it looked possible that we could get wet again but the weather God was with us. The only serious rain occurred during our lunch thankfully. It’s always a pleasure to welcome the players of Chesfield Downs to Wyboston, they really enjoy our course and are always good company.

The course is coming back to a good condition and the greenkeepers must be congratulated on their efforts. Who’s shot on the 12th brought that tree down? I never did find out.

The result on the day was a win for Wyboston 4 to 3.

Ray Clark, our acting Captain on the day took the opportunity to remind us that he has maintained his 100% record of never Captaining a loosing team. Apparently, during his Senior Captains year the team never lost a match. All I can remember of Ray’s year was how wet it was and for so long the course was under water.

August is a very busy month for the section, there are 3 inter club matches, the senior day games, a monthly qualifier and very importantly Senior Captains Day on Weds. 25th. Get in training; one less bottle of wine, take the dog or husband out for a walk, cut down on the ‘fags’ but most of all put your name down on the sponsorship forms in the committee room. As Tesco’s says ‘Every little bit helps’ (there are other Supermarkets available).

Ron Harris.